Screening analysis

In various screening analyses, we draw on extensive experience and data sets, to identify environmental risk and oil spill response issues that may significantly affect decisions. Such screeningsmay include oil drift simulations, different oil types and quantitative assessments.

Environmental Risk and Oil Spill Contingency requirements cannot be quantified until activity specific information is available, on issues like fluid type, release rates and duration in case of loss of well control, time of year etc.

However, our data sets on metocean conditions, distribution of environmentally sensitive resources, modelling capability and extensive experience may be applied to identify challenges and opportunities that may affect decisions.

Mainly, we perform these services in two contexts. A licence screening is applied in the process of selecting among licenses nominated by the authorities in licensing rounds. This screening comprises a systematic evaluation of environmental, oil spill response and policy related issues for the various licenses. For operators recently introduced to the Norwegian Continental Shelf, this screening may be expanded to present the regulatory framework, as well as a well planning timeline, including applications, processes and milestones.

An Early Phase Design Environmental Screening is undertaken in
an initial phase in an assessment of a specific well operation. It comprises a systematic evaluation of environmental, oil spill response and policy issues, drawing on reservoir information, oil drift modelling tools and environmental data sets. This is a cross-disciplinary approach, with the aim of providing input to the well planning process at a stage allowing modifications in well design if so required, in a cost-effective way without compromising project timeline. This is a service relevant for new operators on the NCS and for operations in sensitive areas.

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In the process of evaluating and selecting licenses to apply for in licensing rounds, location, environmental sensitivities, minimum drift time of accidental spills are addressed. At a next stage, in an early phase of the well planning, an Early Phase Design Environmental Screening contributes to “setting the scene” for all parties involved.