Decision Support

Decision makers need a decision basis. Petroleum operations are complex and multidisciplinary, and there is a wealth of information available. Putting this information into a context applicable for decision making is a demanding and challenging task.

Before joining Akvaplan-niva, members of the SensE team had gained a significant experience in operational decision support, including development of GIS and web based decision support systems and data sets, organisation and implementation of oil spill response exercises and workshops, as well as participation in oil spill operations.

Drawing on this experience, SensE are providing operational decision support services, examples of which include:

  • Modification and development of oil spill emergency response plan for an
    operator on the NCS.
  • Development of an oil spill response decision support strategy
    linked to a GIS.
  • Development of a Strategic Environmental Response Plan for a
    sensitive area on the Norwegian coast.
  • Assessments and recommendations throughout an accidental release
    of Oil Based Mud on the NCS.
  • Location specific emergency preparedness assessments,
    in cooperation with a well management company
  • On call for strategic advice and support in the case of accidental oil spills.

For more information contact: Geir Morten Skeie (

Drawing on our background from a large number of projects, our national and international network, our experience with and understanding of data sets, methods and approaches, as well as our experience in design and application of Geographical Information Systems, we provide decision support services.